Make your mermaid or merman dreams come true! As long as you can swim confidently in deep water, you can learn to swim like a mermaid. 

Host a mermaid party for your birthday, your hen weekend or just to have fun with your friends. We run mermaid experiences so you can book for you child or best friend.

Mermaid fitness classes run at Splashpoint in Worthing on Wednesday evenings (from September 11 onwards). Send us a message to book in.  A fun mix of fitness/mermaid swimming/synchro and team games - we promise you’ll get a great work out. Learn to swim like a mermaid, engaging leg, arm and core muscles so your strength and flexibility improve. All ages (13+), sizes and swimming abilities are welcome, but you must be able to swim confidently in deep water, float on your back and tread water for 60 seconds.

All profits from our events and parties support Zanzibar Schools Project, an initiative set up by Brighton and Hove Soiree Rotary Club. Registered Charity number 1138898.

Click on the image below to see the video of Fin2Fit Splashpoint